Providing capacity building and mentoring. Centre for excellence and a world-class hub providing multi-services for persons with disabilities

Incubator for Impact.

Built on the foundation of Inspirasia’s grant-making experience to grassroot non-profits, the Annika Linden Centre in Bali, Indonesia, opened in 2013 as an incubator for impact for social change and a world-class facility and multi-purpose building. 

The team at the Annika Linden Centre work with Inspirasia to provide tailor-made, impact-focused mentorship and hands-on training to organisation Inspirasia supports, along with others.

The Annika Linden Centre provides capacity building and mentorship, connecting non-profits and social enterprises to foreign resources and experts to receive knowledge, resources and expertise. The Annika Linden Centre also serves as a Centre of Excellence and a ‘one-stop shop’ where persons with disabilities can receive mobility aids, rehabilitation, education and employment opportunities under one roof.

YPK, PUSPADI and DNetwork are physically based in the Annika Linden Centre’s incubator space, creating a world-class hub for disability services and expertise that serves people with disabilities from Bali and across Eastern Indonesia.

YRS are based at ALC monthly with a mobile clinic for sexual and reproductive health services and awareness.