It takes more than money to create social change. Social enterprises and non-profit organisations need to be effective and efficient in order to generate and scale social change, just as a successful company generates profit and expands its business
— Inspirasia Foundation’s philosophy of giving

What do we support?

Inspirasia provides long-term small to medium-sized grants to organisations in the areas of health and education for marginalised communities and people with disabilities in Indonesia, Thailand and India, as well as in Malta through the Malta Social Impact Awards.

We look for talented leaders, select carefully, and are unafraid to fund unloved but high return investments such as additional talent, staff training, planning, infrastructure and fundraising.

How do we support?

Our approach to giving is a blend of business and philanthropy - a hard head and an open heart.

We aim to give well by:

  • Providing ‘more than money’ support

  • Mobilising and sharing our networks

  • Ensuring grants achieve maximum impact and lead to long-term sustainable growth

  • Working hand in hand with our grantees


More than Money…

What is ‘more than money’ support?

We package our grants with training and expert support to achieve the maximum impact per euro

Why do we do this?

To ensure maximum impact and sustainability

How do we achieve this?

We work hand in hand with our grantees to help them become stronger organisations

Our grants are packaged with customized training and mentorship, delivered by experts in our networks.

Some common areas of mentoring include finance/accounting, clinical care standards, donor relationships, strategy, and impact assessment. 

We value expertise, autonomy and understanding of the local environment highly, which is why we use local experts to deliver ‘more than money’ support.

This ‘more than money’ package is built on specific needs identified by the grantee and agreed by the Inspirasia Board.

To help grantees achieve their organisation’s goals, we look beyond giving grants by mobilising our networks through our Partnership Programme.