Finalists for the Malta Social Impact Awards 2019 announced

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After an exciting day of pitching by the 11 semi-finalists earlier this week, the judges have chosen the six social initiatives to go through to the final round of the Malta Social Impact Awards (MSIA) in November.

The MSIA 2019 finalists are:

Brighten Up (by Fondazzjoni Pippo)

FAIE - Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator (by Professor Alexiei Dingli)

Meraki, by Survivors for Survivors (by St. Jeanne Antide Foundation)

The Farmoury (by The Veg Box)

WADE - Whistle Alert Detection Earguard (by the University of Malta’s Research, Innovation and Development Trust)

The Wellness Pod (by the Karl Vella Foundation)

These initiatives, together with the other MSIA semi-finalists, all aim to have a significant positive impact on people and society in Malta by addressing pressing social issues.

I was impressed by the breadth and depth of social causes being tackled by this year’s projects; and by the passion and resolve of participants to deliver solutions
— Dr Olga Finkel, one of MSIA 2019 judges

During the run-up to the semi-final event, the semi-finalists participated in several workshops on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship by TAKEOFF business incubator. They were then paired with a CEO through Vistage, an Executive Coaching Organisation, for further mentoring until the final MSIA 2019 event, which will be held on 9th November 2019. This event is being organised by the Academy of Givers – a platform bringing together individuals and businesses wishing to improve philanthropic and corporate social responsibility efforts. A total of up to €75,000 in grants will be awarded to the winners on the night, as well as further non-financial support. In addition, proceeds from the tickets of the event will go to a People’s Award, which allows the audience to vote for their favourite initiative.

This year, the semi-finalists are also being given the opportunity to win a prize voted for by the general public. The winners of this prize will be announced at the Malta Social Impact Fair, which will be held just before the Awards on the 9th of November. The Fair, open to the general public free of charge, aims to bring Malta’s social ecosystem together in one space to network, gain exposure and show Malta’s got

Founded by Inspirasia Foundation and the Gasan Foundation in 2016, The Malta Social Impact Awards (MSIA) provides opportunities for changemakers to receive financial and non-financial support to develop a sustainable initiative that has a positive social impact on Malta.

Tickets for the Malta Social Impact Awards 2019 will be available online next month.

MSIA 2019 finalists

Brighten Up

Fondazzjoni Pippo proposes an initiative that will take over dilapidated public spaces like bus stops, benches, and walls, so as to brighten them up with beautiful designs that promote a positive message towards social wellness, integrity and inclusion. The designs and art will make Malta’s landscape brighter and more colourful, improve the environment and surrounding communities as well as promote care for public spaces. This proposed restoration of local spaces strives to aid social well-being, inspire and lift people’s spirits, and raise awareness around mental health.


FAIE – Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator system being proposed by Professor Alexiei Dingli is a web application which is accessible on any device, aimed at optimising the learning of students by giving them personalised education through a simple online interface, which is easily understandable by everyone. This initiative focuses on quality education for all whilst creating a fair educational system which is personalised for the needs of each and every child without adding any additional burden on educators.


Meraki – by Survivors for Survivors submitted by St. Jeanne Antide Foundation is all about supporting the resiliency and self-empowerment of Survivors of Domestic Violence to make a real difference in their lives , as well as their children. Through the MERAKI Social Enterprise and the setup of the workshop and retail outlets, women who survived domestic violence will be provided with employment opportunities, peer-mentoring and a safe space to engage in creative crafts production sessions which, at its heart, is an educational and a healing therapeutic exercise.

The Farmoury

This initiative, by The Veg Box, promotes an Edible, Environmental and Educational scheme, accessible to all local communities, through the creation of a rural hub called The Farmoury. The Farmoury will be the “go to” place where communities can access, enjoy, learn and experience the benefits of nature through a series of activities related to the environment, wellbeing and responsible consuming.

WADE (Whistle Alert Detection Earguard)

WADE is a project by the Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) of the University of Malta, aimed to help hearing-impaired persons participate in sports which involves high contact, impeding environments such as water and important acoustics such as the referee’s whistle. Water polo is one example of such sport, where, unfortunately, a hearing-impaired player has to remove the hearing aids while playing. This project proposes the development of an affordable rugged electronic device to be worn on the player's body, which can detect and interpret salient sport's acoustics and alert the player through vibrations.

The Wellness Pod

The Karl Vella Foundation aims to promote the well-being of children in families dealing with serious illness, grief and loss. The objective of the Foundation is to provide structure and stability to children and a sense of normality in their lives by providing educational and psychological assistance after school hours, help with homework, extracurricular activities and sessions with psychological professionals where needed. The Wellness Pod initiative intends to sustain its assistance to these children by offering structured, professional psycho-education programmes.