Iniala Beach House organises Activity Day for Inspirasia's grantees in Thailand

The children and students of Home & Life Foundation and the Foundation for Education and Development (FED), our two grantees in Thailand, were warmly welcomed at Iniala Beach House during a recent Activity Day. Organised by Iniala in collaboration with Inspirasia Foundation, the Activity Day allowed the children to visit a luxury hotel and learn about the hospitality industry and the careers within this industry.

Twenty Burmese migrant students from FED's education and integration programs, all between the age of 13 and 21, as well as another ten children between 6 and 11 years old from the Home & Life orphanage, attended this event.

The children and students participated in various exciting activities throughout the day and were treated to pizza, ice-cream and other goodies created by Iniala’s chefs. While the younger children enjoyed dancing and art activities, as well as splashing around in the hotel’s beachfront pool, FED’s students were introduced to the hospitality industry and the careers within it. Each department at Iniala Beach House presented the students with information on the various roles that exist within that department. After a Q&A session, the students were challenged to a game of beach volleyball with the Iniala team.

All the students enjoyed the whole day! Almost all of them have been inspired to work in the hospitality industry… They now also clearly understand that having different types of hospitality skills could benefit them while they are job seeking
— Saw Mu Doh, Education Program Coordinator, Foundation for Education and Development.

Iniala Beach House has supported Inspirasia Foundation since the hotel’s launch in 2013, consistently donating 10 per cent of room revenues and 5 per cent of all other revenues to the foundation. Through its philanthropic efforts, the hotel continues to give back to the communities and make a difference in the lives of others.