Making people's dreams come true

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After losing all muscle function in his legs at the age of 20, Wahyu Diatmika became completely dependent on his family. Immobile and unhappy, he spent all his days and nights lying in bed or playing computer games in his bedroom. One year later, PUSPADI Bali found out about his situation and provided him with an appropriately fitted wheelchair, which gave him the chance to start his life over. He could move around, meet friends and go about his everyday life.

With the support of PUSPADI Bali, Wahyu was able to hone his computing skills and learnt about business development. It was during this time that he also met and fell in love with a woman called Mayuni.

After a few months of training, Wahyu’s teacher was impressed at his computing skills and offered him full-time employment as a front-end web developer at BOC in Denpasar, a web hosting service provider. He gladly accepted this job and worked there for a few years, until he decided to open his very own business in 2015.  

He now owns and runs a successful Computer Gaming Ecafé, while also selling computer accessories on an online Indonesian marketplace, and plans to develop these businesses further in the near future.

Through the support provided by PUSPADI, Wahyu discovered what he was passionate about and was empowered with the tools, skills and motivation he needed to develop that passion into a successful business. He is now also happily married to Mayuni and they have two beautiful children.

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Before Puspadi came into my life, I never did anything, I just used to dream. If it weren’t for them, I would have remained in bed every day, I wouldn’t have met my wife and I wouldn’t have started my business. PUSPADI made my dreams come true
— Wahyu Diatmika

PUSPADI is the only NGO in Bali providing quality rehabilitation, education, training and advocacy programs for people with disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia. Wahyu is just one of over 5,000 people with disabilities whose lives have been transformed through the organisation’s services. Inspirasia Foundation has been a core supporter of PUSPADI Bali since 2002, providing funding every year in addition to non-financial support such as capacity building and training.  

With the support of Inspirasia Foundation, PUSPADI Bali continues to make people’s dreams come true.